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For 3rd-5th graders, choir is an exciting musical journey where students explore the magic of harmonies and melodies. Through engaging rehearsals, they learn to blend their voices, discovering the joy of singing in unison. The program not only fosters musical skills but also builds teamwork and confidence. The young performers embark on a creative adventure, honing their vocal talents and sharing the joy of music with others in uplifting performances that showcase the beauty of collective harmony. Practice is held each Tuesday after school. 
My goal as a music educator is to foster a deep appreciation for music while nurturing the artistic growth and development of my students.
My musical journey commenced at the age of 6 in a church, where I discovered my vocal talents. Progressing to middle school, I joined the choir and realized my natural aptitude. This passion carried into high school, where numerous competition victories prompted my music mentors to encourage a career in music. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Music Education from Huston-Tillotson University and received classical training in opera singing.
Currently, I serve as a music teacher at ShadowGlen Elementary, witnessing my students' faces as they cultivate a passion for music.
 2 4th Grade scholars wearing red dresses singing on stage in the cafeteria
4th grade female scholar in black and white dress singing in the cafeteria on stage.
4th and 5th grade large group choir wearing red, black and white singing on risers.